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Nicki Ishmael - Founder & Photographer Extraordinaire
Nicki has been photographing people, music, scenery and anything else she can get her hands on for the last 20 years. She loves photo booths and thought creating one would be a great way to use her knowledge of photography to bring more smiles to happy faces.

Nick Rymer - Founder, Brains & Brawn
Nick is an artist, professor, website designer and overall technical smarty pants, he is also tall and can lift heavy things. Nick likes making things work and saw the creation of a photo booth as an interesting new technical challenge and a way to make people happy.  

Where are we?
We are located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn but are very happy to travel. We love trains!
What we do?
Tonight’s The Night is an automated open-air Photo Booth.
How it works?

  • Before your event - We chat, and figure out what background, image size, logo, layout or template is right for you.
  • At the event - We set up a backdrop, super nice camera, beautiful lighting and two tablets. Tablet one powers the camera and counts you down to have your photo taken. Tablet two shows you all the photos and lets you send them to yourself via, text or email. We can also live print your images.
  • After the event - we send you a zip/folder with all the digital images.

Any other questions let us know! We want to make your event the best thing ever. Better than puppies and chocolate and rainbows! xoxo